For almost 40 years, we have made our customers happy with our reliable, and on time service. Our unique technique of going over your furniture in your home is what makes us famous. In most cases,  it's not necessary to refinish furniture. If you have scratches, ring marks, build-up, dog bites etc, we can make your furniture look beautiful again. Find out the facts. Call now for a free in-home estimate. Start saving and at the same time you'll be able to do more with the savings. It's possible to go over your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, cabinets, moldings, doorways and still pay less than the cost of refinishing a set of furniture. Best of all, you don't have to be without your furniture for four to eight weeks! The work is complete the same day! There is no mess or lingering smells. You can use your furniture right away. Call 1-718-667-7727. Thank you!

Family Owned Since 1970

Furniture color matching

Expert Color Matching

From badly damaged furniture to updated beauty and value, trust Steve's Family Furniture Repair to provide the right look with expert color matching.
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Furniture restoration

Affordable Restoration

Whether you've got a table, chair, or complete furniture set in need of restoration, we always find the best way to repair or restore at the best price.
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Furniture repair

Convenient Services

We will gladly pickup and deliver your items for your convenience. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on our furniture repair and refinishing services!
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Call Steve's Family Furniture Repair today to learn more about the honest and trustworthy services we provide!


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